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Hi, I’m a freelancing illustrator based in sunny Southend. My background is in Fine Art and Digital Animation (B.A Hons) which have led me to my quirky art style I use today. I love drawing sassy women (in all the fashions) and super detailed architecture by hand.

My animation, Hak Nam Henney has been shown in film festivals around the world and picked up national awards including Animex UK and Noise festival. My work has also been exhibited in London and in published medium. I have worked with companies including Kids of Dada, Majenta Solutions and I work on personal commissions.

Please contact me here for work inquiries:


Standing next to a plinth of my award winning animation, Hak Nam Henney.

Lara is an award winning freelance animator and illustrator based in sunny Southend. Lara co-owns an online shop selling her art designs and is a personal blogger. You can also find her on Twitter at @larlarcharms.

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